July 22-28, 2019

Spend one week in Bowling Green, Kentucky learning the latest trends for the digital newsroom.


core values

Team work is a valued core of the workshop. The workshop includes many of the steps, in setting up
successful digital journalism teams.
The DJNF HBCU Digital workshop will follow Ninni Lehtniemi's "Seven tips for setting up a multi-skilled team.”

  1. Set a clear focus. What do you want the new team to achieve?

  2. Recruit at least three skillsets: journalism, design and developer. Find people with

  3. multiple skills so they can work as translators between different cultures.

  4. Make sure each individual working in the team has these qualities: interest in making ground-breaking digital journalism, willingness to learn, love for change and great communication skills. Make communication between team-members as easy as possible, e.g. by making them sit physically close to each other.

  5. Accept that setting up work processes take time.

  6. Spread “new ways of doing” to your organization by starting an internal rotation programme that involves the new team.

  7. Get rid of silos in your organization and increase the fun by organizing internal hack days and hands-on staff training.

Research-Base Journalism
Another core value, of the digital workshop, is to practice research-based journalism. The Journalist’s
Resource, journalistsresource.org, provides research that can assist journalists craft better stories.

“We’re very proud of the evaluations from the workshop. We teach the latest digital skills to the professors who then teach the skills to their students.”
— Dr. Pam Johnson, Western Kentucky University

What We've Achieved

  • Storytelling Planning
    with Dr. Pam Johnson

  • Digital Writing
    with Dr. Pam Johnson

  • Open Broadcasting Software
    with Ron Demarse

  • Video Storytelling & Adobe Aftereffects
    with Ron Demarse

  • Podcast Basics
    with Ron Demarse

  • Web Design Basics
    with Nancie Dodge

  • Photo-Editing
    with Nancie Dodge

  • Data Visualization with Google
    with Kara Williams Glenn

  • Graphic Design Basics
    with Kara Williams Glenn

  • Social Media Basics
    with Kara Williams Glenn


Homework: know basics of Photoshop; we will send participants Photo Shop tutorials.